The Rub Magnesium Flakes


Our Magnesium flakes come from the Himalayas, are 100% natural and extremely pure.

The Magnesium meets the highest quality requirements and is extracted and produced according to the EcoLife guidelines.

Some of the benefits of Magensium flakes:

  • It relaxes the muscles and prevents muscle cramps
  • Prevents or reduces stress and ensures a good night’s sleep
  • Provides good stamina and energy
  • Supports healthy heart function and blood pressure
  • Helps to build and keep bones and teeth healthy
  • Helps agains fatigue
  • Coordinates the use of all other vitamines and minerals

Tips for a Magnesium bath:

The duration of a bath should be at least 20 minutes and the recommended concentration of Magnesium is 500g.

Capacity: 1000g

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