Hi! I’m Jade (31), founder of The Rub!

For the past 8 years I’ve happily been working in the massage-industry. After my study to become a massage therapist I worked at serveral major massage studio’s in Amsterdam, including Dokter Feelgood, Het Conservatorium Hotel and SOAP treatment store.



Over time I gained experience and learned a lot about modern massage techniques.
Skills I could implement in giving treatments at my very first – co-owned – studio. Massage Boutique was a raging success and it empowered me to take the next big step: start a very own studio!


Hello! My name is Maria Torres, born and raised in Colombia then moved to United States where I learn massage and therapeutic work in 2001.

In my search for growth, I traveled overseas to discover new landscapes and cultures… Living in Amsterdam now, enjoying this beautiful city and carrying on my passion and practice through the healing power of touch!


My area of expertise is Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Stretching and Trigger Points, the ideal combination for deep tissue therapeutic treatments. I am also trained in Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, relaxation techniques and Reiki (energy work).
For several years I practiced Taiko -traditional Japanese drumming, a martial art as well as a powerful instrument which philosophy taught me discipline, strength and confidence in life and everything I do.
Helping others has always brought big fulfillment to my life, and massage has been and continues to be the greatest instrument to my purpose. It’s greatly satisfying to assist in relaxation or pain relief. I look forward to working with you!


Hi I’am Dana. I am a Registered Massage Therapist originally from Canada and studied Remedial Massage with a 2200 hour course.  I specialize in Swedish, Pregnancy and Deep Tissue treatments.

In my treatments, I try to focus on on the mind and body connection for total wellbeing.  I understand how important it is to have time for yourself- and love allowing others to relax.

I enjoy my work greatly, and love the positive energy that my clients and I give to each other.
I appreciate how each and every client is unique, and look forward to tailoring a session that fits your specific needs.


Hi! I am Ioana, a passionate massage therapist and Ayurvedic practitioner. Born in Romania, trained as an architect, my love for people and well being brought me into massage and alternative medicine.
While travelling the world, I learned from local people the gentle Ayurvedic massage, the deep and therapeutic traditional Thai massage, deep tissue, medicinal herbal compress, hot stone massage or the soothing and relaxing massage techniques.

I strongly believe in the truthfulness of one’s instinct and in the intelligence of the body and it’s ability to self heal. A good massage realigns body, mind and soul and my deep wish is to support you in this process.


Hi! I am Deshana originally from Singapore.  In 2001, with a deep desire to explore my inner and outer world, I quit my corporate job and traveled.

My first massage training was received in Sydney, Australia as a certified remedial massage therapist.  Over the years, to further deepen my understanding of the human body, mind and spirit, I have participated in numerous training, workshops and retreats in countries where I have visited/lived.

I specialize in deep tissue massage, utilizing myofascial release technique, trigger point therapy, facilitated stretching, breath work, and by bringing awareness, to support clients towards a pain-free, tension free, spacious, fluid and healthy body.  I am also proficient in pregnancy massage.  In 2017, I became certified as a cancer coach with the Cancer Coach Professionals of America Inc.

In the last 10 years, I have made Amsterdam my home as I continue to share my massage passion and knowledge with the community.


My name is Vianne and I teach Hatha Vinyasa Flow at The Rub.

Moving my body is an important part of my life already since I was 4 years old. At that age I started with ballet, which I loved and dancing became an important part in my life. From the pre-education at the Dance academy I started to teach ballet to kids, so much fun! Study & workwise I moved to another area and ended up working in Advertising. When I moved to Amsterdam over 10 years ago I started doing yoga, stretching my body in new positions had similarities with dance for me and made me feel good.


Over the years I learned a lot from different teachers and I came at a point in my life that my work did not gave me the energy I thought it would. After some self reasearch, I decided I wanted to go back in teaching. I did my 200h Vinyasa TT with David Lurey & Miriam Wagner in the beautifull mountains of Brasil. Next to that I am studying at the Yoga Therapy Institute to become a Yoga Therapist. I discovered that yoga is like a toolbox for life and I am happy to share these tools with you. Keeping you safe in class and giving clear directions to give you the best flow for your body is my signiture class. Expect to have fun, challenge yourself within your own boundaries and as a cherry on top feel more balanced at the end of class. Hope to see you soon!


Hi! My name is Tes – “Yoga by Tes”, yogi for more than 10 years now.

My personal yoga practice started at a small yoga school in Amsterdam, using my practice as a form of therapy for my back pains. Because of my positive experience with the benefits of yoga I started a  teacher training in 2015 at the Raja Yoga Institute of Amsterdam. Followed by a teacher course focussed on yoga for back pains with Deesi Stunnenberg.


In 2016 I started teaching @ The Rub.The yoga style I’m teaching is Hatha yoga: a form of yoga that exists mostly of asanas – yoga poses to strengthen the body and pranayama – breathing exercises to focus and to calm the mind. Teaching small groups gives me the opportunity to pay a lot of attention to the right alignment of the body in each pose.


Hi, my name is Loes. After years of engaging in many different styles of yoga, I really felt I had come home after practicing Yin Yoga for the first time. My life, like many others, is mostly Yang when it comes to my work and social life. Practicing Yin Yoga gives me the balance that I so need in my daily life.

Yin Yoga is a study in physical and mental relaxation, but also a practice of silent acceptance. The Yin classes are an experience that I love to share with my students as they often learn so much about themselves. Beside my Yin Yoga teacher training, I also completed a Mindfulness training which I integrate into my classes.

The focus in my classes is compassion towards one’s self and the moment. As we hold poses for a longer period of time, we train our ability to feel and accept our mental and physical boundaries. We practice accepting our physical body, emotions, and thoughts. That they can be there, just the way they are.

Hi there! My name is Mirjam and I teach a yin yoga class at The Rub. As a nutritionist I’ve always been motivated to improve people’s wellbeing by adopting a more healthy lifestyle. From personal experience I’ve found that yoga and mindfulness can also have an important effect on our health and on how we feel. Yoga has helped to calm me down, be less judgmental and it has created space in my body. After a yoga practice, not only does my body feel more supple, I often also feel generally happier and more fortunate.


In that sense it’s almost magical what yoga can do for you! As a teacher, I hope to provide you with a similar experience. Besides providing a safe space where you and any of your vulnerabilities are welcome, I find it important to give clear and detailed cues during my classes so that you can get the most out of each pose and can start to understand your own body better. I’m looking forward to meeting you on the mat.


Hi! My name is Gabriella , originally from Hong Kong.

I am a teacher of pregancy Yoga at The Rub.

I first obtained the 200-hour Yoga teacher training in Hong Kong in 2015. Soon after in the same year, I also completed the additional 100-hour pregnacy Yoga teacher training for prenatal, postnatal and birth and baby accredidated by Mindful birth Australia.


I believe pregnancy Yoga can empower expecting mothers to embrace the journey of pregnancy, together with mindfulness, breathing and meditation is beneficial for them to relieve their worries and stress. Along side with the designated poses for pregnancy Yoga, expecting mothers are able to relieve tensions in the body, and able to fully relax and connect with the body and baby in the time and space, as a way to find balance in their energy flow.