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“Kenko Bonding Massage”

Our Kenko Bonding Massage is a unique experience focused on strengthening the magical bond between mother and child. This 75-minute treatment is specially designed to create and nurture a deeper connection between mothers and child.


The Kenko Bonding Massage is not only an opportunity to relax and indulge but also to strengthen the bond with your child. It is an intimate journey to deeper understanding and love between mother and child. This treatment is perfect for expectant mothers looking for a moment for themselves and their little one.

Baby Massage at the Rub Amsterdam Rivierenbuurt





  • Foot Soak with Magnesium: The session begins with a relaxing foot soak enriched with The Rub magnesium, which helps relax muscles and reduce stress.






  • Meditation: We guide you through a gentle meditation exercise to bring both mother and child into a state of inner peace. This helps release tension and prepare for the bonding massage.






  • Full Body Massage: Our experienced therapists will pamper you with a full body massage, using the wonderfully nourishing Kenko oil and paying special attention to areas that require extra care and attention. This massage promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and strengthens the emotional bond between mother and child.
Babymassage Amsterdam Rivierenbuurt




  • Delicious Tea Afterwards: After the massage, you can enjoy a delightful cup of tea to conclude the experience and maintain your relaxed feeling.
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