That massages are a must for our physical and mental well-being is clear, but why do massages on the beach make you even happier? The answer is simple: because you are outside in the fresh air, next to the sea. There is no better place in the world to relieve stress than next to the sea.
The Rub Beach

After a visit to the beach people feel calmer, fresher and more positive. This is the conclusion of a study by the British conservation organization Natural England, conducted by researchers from the universities of Exeter and Plymouth. A total of 2750 people between the ages of 8 and 80 took part in the study. What turned out? Almost all participants felt better after a visit the beach, the countryside or a beautiful park – but it concluded that the participants were happiest (by far) after a visit to the beach. Curious to know why? Here we explain you the 5 hidden superpowers of the sea that contribute to your mental health:

1) Sea air as a medicine 

Sea air could be seen as a medicine that you can breathe. The mineral salts in seawater have the special property that they are dispersed in your bronchi in the form of negative ions. These particles ensure that oxygen can be absorbed more quickly into your body. This creates some extra serotonin, which is beneficial because this happiness substance has a positive effect on stress and your mood.

2) The soothing sound of the waves

Your brain is busy recording sounds 24/7. At the bottom of your brainstem, in your reptilian brain, it is constantly analyzed whether a sound is safe or not. Natural sounds have traditionally been recognized as safe. This is in contrast to mechanical and industrial sounds such as the ringing of a telephone or the speeding of a train/tram. We feel most comfortable in places where environmental sounds unconsciously make us feel safe. For that reason, the soothing sounds of the sea helps us relax on a deep level.

3) Seeing a horizon

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Avoid busy streets and go to a place where you can see the horizon clearly. Why? A horizon is a natural boundary and helps you to calm the fear that being boundless brings (in thinking, feeling and emotions). Sitting on a bench with a view of the sea really does wonders.

4) Bathing in seawater

When seawater, as in thalassotherapy, is heated to 34 degrees, all kinds of beneficial substances can penetrate into your skin. Think, for example, of iodine and iron-containing substances such as potassium, calcium, sulphur, silicon, fluorine and zinc. Below 34 degrees, these substances are also absorbed, but to a lesser extent. However, swimming in cold(er) seawater is also super healthy. The waves massage your body and by swimming you create more flexible joints.

5) Walk in the sand

Did you know that there are more nerve endings per square centimeter in the soles of your feet than anywhere else on your body? By walking barefoot through the sand, you stimulate these nerve endings, strengthen the muscles in your feet and you take on the natural frequency of the earth. They call it “Earthing” and it seems to work wonders when you’re under stress. To put it simply: as humans we are positively charged. By making contact with the earth (which is negatively charged), an excess of positive ions can be removed and negative ions are supplied. This restores the natural balance.

Did you know that during the summer period we have a beautiful location of The Rub at Alexander Beach Club in Noordwijk? Another inspiration to get out of your chair and come to the beach!

By: Robin van der Pol


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